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The seven most common misunderstandings about rental exhibition stands

To rent a booth or not to rent – ​​that is the question. Trade fairs are expensive. Therefore, when planning the design of the exhibition stand, care must be taken to ensure that the investment pays off. Wherever possible, money should be saved to stay within budget. So what is most cost-effective for your business? Buy a custom booth or consider renting a booth. You might be interested in exhibition stand builder Dubai.

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Rental exhibition stands suffer from some misunderstandings, which we would like to clarify in this article. 

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Rental booths are too expensive

Many managers believe that renting exhibition stands is expensive. When you buy an exhibition stand, you have a one-time investment that will pay off over the years. So far, so right. Because from now on you don't have to pay them anything anymore! In truth, for a trade show booth, you have to factor in the costs of maintenance, refurbishment, updating, and so on. Not to mention that you are responsible for the transport costs and the assembly and disassembly. The decision to one booth for hire can mean a saving of 75% compared to the purchase option! Know more about best exhibition designing company in Dubai.

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Limited options

The sky is the limit! Therefore, professional exhibition stands rental companies can ensure that they have a wide range of exhibition stand designs feature. These can also be individually adapted to the requirements of your company. Companies that rely on rental exhibition stands usually change the design for the respective exhibition participation and therefore always appear fresh and up-to-date - without increasing the costs for the exhibition stand. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai

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No quality - used and abused

A big part of a booth rental company's job is maintaining their booths and making sure their inventory looks new. Take into account that the landlord's main concern is to serve the customer more often because a modern exhibition stand design produces more leads and thus more demand. Customer satisfaction will not be achieved with a trade fair stand that looks used and unattractive!

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No custom booth design

Rental booth rental companies that offer graphic design and production in your company are fully capable of developing customized exhibition stand ideas, regardless of size, preparation, or additional set-up fees. In fact, a reputable booth rental company should not have two examples of booths that are the same! Because then everyone will know that it is a rental booth.

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Experience has shown that a company's own trade fair stand is four years old on average. But most of them are even older than that. If these companies only book a few trade fair participations per year, that would mean eight events per year on average. So much for “used and abused”! In fact, most of the “Best of Messe” exhibition stands are rental exhibition stands. After all, the prize will hardly go to the "same stand" that a company sets up year after year.

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If you frequently attend trade fairs, the rental option is too expensive 

If you exhibit frequently, you have to regularly maintain the exhibition stand. This can quickly become very expensive. And if you want to visit trade fairs that overlap, you even need a second alternative - which doubles your costs. And don't forget that while the booth is not being used - which is most of the time! -, you have to pay for storage and mandatory "pull and prep" fees.

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Plan far ahead so that the exhibition stand is ready on time

A professional rental company has the necessary resources to create an impressive exhibition stand in a very short time Graphic design teams, printers, craftsmen, installers, etc. are available. Because these companies can also transport and assemble your booth, it takes a fraction of the time it would take you to do it. 

The seven most common misunderstandings about rental exhibition stands

To rent a booth or not to rent – ​​that is the question. Trade fairs are expensive. Therefore, when planning the design of the exhibition st...